Bboy City 19 Trailer

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23.Oct.13 5 months ago

Sun Day Fun Day from Daemaine Hines on Vimeo.

Me and Kris were in Houston and decided to head down Montrose to see what the scene was like. The weather was nice to go scouting for locations to shoot. Here is a short that we made in honor of our Sun Day Fun Day.

22.Oct.13 5 months ago

Hip Hop

What’s your take on it?

03.Oct.13 6 months ago

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What happens when you’re in love with a break dancer.

Poorartist X Dhin3z photograph by Bertuzzi Photography

I love you too ;-)

Runaway Runaway Runaway

This track by J. Cole hits the spot man. “I give you all I got till it ain’t no more!”

26.Jul.13 8 months ago

Me and Lupe at the Red Bill BC One Cypher in Houston!

Photo by: KAC Photography

Roll That Shit, Light That Shit, Smoke That Shit!

-Wu Tang Clan

Photo by: Daemaine Hines

Bboy City 19: The Lost Tapes

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10.Jan.13 1 year ago


More artist are closer to god then they realize. They create wonderful pieces that are aesthetic to the human eye, and make our brain send signals to our hearts to feel a certain way when we do. When I was dancing on River St in Downtown Savannah Ga; my birthplace. Tourist would tell me all the time how it made them feel. The way I express my self through the music, and how I seemed to be “Free” in a sense to as if who I was dancing for was not even in front of me, but inside me because the person whom which I was dancing for, was myself. It made me feel good inside to know that something that god allowed me to learn and manifest made a person feel a certain way and most of all made me feel amazing. It’s almost as if "I had a feather on every toe" the way I moved it was, and still is like poetry. The way I was still but the ground walking underneath. God willing I have children and grand children I will have some awesome stories to tell.

-Daemaine T. Hines

P.S. Special thanks to one of my best friends @27kinds who always encourages me to write.

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06.Nov.12 1 year ago


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29.Sep.12 1 year ago

Smokin’ Camels

Brooklyn rapper Theophilus London proves there’s nothing fresher this fall than a camel-colored topcoat

When it come to style “Theo” holds his own.

-Daemaine Hines
29.Sep.12 1 year ago

NP: “Cherry Wine” by Nas ft Amy Winehouse


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22.Jul.12 1 year ago

What type of music do you like?

What’s new out there someone has to know!!!!!!!!

11.Jul.12 1 year ago