Alright I have a question for my hip hop listeners: “What is your favorite Lupe Fiasco song?”

Mine is “Kick Push” whats yours?

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  1. pphj answered: Gotta Eat or The Coolest
  2. xfiasco answered: Intruder Alert, but all his songs are great!
  3. aguacate-maduro answered: american terrorist or hurt me soul…or daydreaming. can’t decide…
  4. andmurdershewrote answered: I can’t pick just one. Top 3: American Terrorist, Hurt Me Soul, and All Black Everything.
  5. iplaypretendtoo answered: Outta My Head…because literally I can’t get that song out of my head ever.
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    there’s too many to choose from! Daydreaming, The Coolest, American Terrorist, Fighters, Words I Never Said, Gold Watch,...
  7. internalsalvationnn answered: london, paris, tokyo (remix)
  8. createoneself answered: american terrorist! hands down
  9. thujorne answered: Lupe the Killer
  10. sucarasaltalejchai answered: hip hop saved my life :)
  11. chelsofly said: You my Hip hop saved my life Paris toyko Kick push Daydream
  12. eyesofsiul answered: Streets on Fire
  13. alwaysthegentlemen answered: The “show goes on” for the reason its the same with life no matter its still goes on
  14. in-truh-vurt answered: Daydreamin’
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