Dope Summary I Read on NAS’s “One Mic”



Nas- One Mic

One of the greatest hip hop songs I’ve heard, it’s hip hop with a hell of a lot of emotion behind it. Nas is great at that, he can create some powerful hip hop tracks. It may not be the greatest song he’s created although it’s probably the best he’s created since 2000. It’s good to see how much he puts into the songs, for example there is a clean and dirty version of this track, and he writes completely different lyrics in each version to have the same impact, for example in the clean version he decides to use different phrases to compete with swearing to create the same power.

The 2nd verse is a beautiful one, he speaks about the dark side of living as a ‘gangster’. Every rapper nowadays speaks about the great part of it, and how you get so much money and so much women and all that. That’s not exactly true, that’s the life of a celebrity who pretends to be a gangster. People like Nas live in that world that celebrity rappers use for their image, he speaks about family and friends dying, being shot by other gangs, seeing NYPD officers dead in dumpsters, and that’s why this song is emotional, he’s telling us that all he needs is one mic to make the difference.

Album: Stillmatic

Genre: East Coast Hip Hop

Favourite Part/Lyrics: “Jesus died at 33, that’s 33 shots. From Twin glocks there’s sixteen apiece, that’s thirty two. Which means one of my guns was holding 17. Twenty-seven hit your crew, six went into you. Everybody’s gotta die sometime; hope your funeral. Never gets shot up, bullets tear through the innocent”