One for the road.

@poorartist caught me and @bb_sparks clowning.

Side Profile.


@bb_sparks doppelgänger is Kate Hudson son!

Goodnight peeps. Don’t forget when life gets you down to smile. Swallow your pride and call that person that you want to talk to. You don’t have to deal with your problems alone. Sleep well now!

What’s up peeps!? Hope all is well and hump day was good for you. Do me a HUGE favor and check out my style page @devadahines and follow if you’d like. @poorartist has been taking photos of me since before we were dating and have always encouraged me to be in front of the camera. I don’t consider myself a model cause I don’t get paid for it. I love style, I think it plays apart of who you are as a person. Anyway check it out! Thanks for the love and support.

Ps. Devada Hines is my fathers name for those who wonder.

Inversion House at Jam Park in 5th Ward Houston Texas. Such an awesome creation. (at 5th Ward.)

Our biggest supporter @blueinfernopro we love you.

Another one of Rene and Kris at the second location.

Version 1.2


"It’s just a fence."


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•Dope Blog• Hyper-Than-Hype